Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stay At Home Uniform

       As I go about my day I have come to notice an unusual trend among stay at homes. I see them at the school drop off, the grocery store, the mall and they all seem to have adopted the same uniform. I see them in t-shirts and sweats (and YES yoga pants count as sweats). Hair pulled back in pony tails or under baseball hats. Among men especially I have noticed they all sport the stay at home beard ( I'm not pointing fingers as I have one myself ). Is it because we are so focused on other things that we forget that other people can see us or has it become we have fallen in the trap of not caring.

      I have found that it very easy to become so hyper focused on the people your caring for that you forget to take care of yourself. So I am asking you to take a moment to look at yourself. Is this you? If so, how can you remedy this behavior.

       I am calling for you to take one day a week as your day off.  What about the laundry or the chores, who will cook dinner ? Answer, NOT YOU.  Put the laundry off for a day, have your kids pick up the living room, order pizza. DONE.

       On your day off you will shower. You will dress in nice clothes and I don't mean the clean pair of sweats. You will do your hair and shave (  Ladies, you too ). You will get in your car, drive to Starbucks and buy a latte and a newspaper and sit in the sun outside and read said paper. You will call a friend and go to lunch. And the most important thing you will tell yourself YOU DESERVE IT.

       So remember don't be a slave to the uniform.

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